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Automate manual tasks quickly with a Kawasaki robot. Explore our diverse product range, featuring robots of various sizes and lifting capacities, designed for a wide range of purposes—from palletising, welding, and machine operation to robots tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.



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20% less energy consumption compared to other robot brands

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With +100 service professionals, we are market-leading in maintenance and optimising industrial robots and systems.

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Kawasaki can also help you with:

  • Move products from one place to another. Equipped with the appropriate tools, robots efficiently and precisely handle products—communicating with other systems like containers, conveyor belts, and AGVs. This allows you to eliminate hazardous, monotonous, and physically demanding manual tasks, enabling your workforce to focus on tasks that bring greater value.

  • Let robots tackle complex assembly tasks. Presently, Kawasaki robots can identify the necessary components for accurate product assembly. Moreover, the robot can handle diverse tools, rectify positional errors, and synchronize with other robots for particularly extensive assembly tasks.

  • Sort and pick small parts and food items on a conveyor belt with high precision and speed. With Kawasaki, you can sort and pack items into containers, which are then sent for palletising.

  • Automatic dispensing requires specialised equipment to achieve precise and consistent quality. And that's what you get with Kawasaki. Kawasaki industrial robots can assist in applying coatings, adhesives, paint, or wax, among other things. The robot's software monitors the material flow through the system to ensure the correct amount of material is dispensed.

"The installation of Kawasaki Robots in our solutions has been an essential factor in increasing production capacity and ensuring competitiveness for our customers.


Automation provides more consistency in the throughput and helps achieve higher yields. Furthermore, it contributes to ensuring high-quality standards in egg production.”


Philip Sejling Kogut, Product and Business Manager at SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP

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Kent Ruseng Thomassen

R&D Manager, Kawasaki

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