From lack of space 

to logistical success

You can undoubtedly recognise the typical challenges that manufacturing companies face regarding their internal logistics: lack of space, ensuring a well-functioning supply chain, increasing efficiency, and implementing technological aids.


You are not alone – and fortunately, we can help.



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Optimised space usage

Optimise space usage and achieve improved pallet flow in production.

Maximise efficiency

Get rid of inefficient processes once and for all.

On-demand access

Goods and materials where you need them, when you need them.

Improved workspace

No more heavy lifting and injured employees.

Get rid of inefficient processes once and for all


Take charge of your logistical operations

  • Protect your employees from heavy pallet lifting, improve the work environment, and boost efficiency with a pallet magazine from PALOMAT®.


    The pallet magazine automatically stacks and de-stacks empty pallets at ground level or in automated systems. The pallets are easy to handle with a pallet truck or an AGV.



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  • With Global AGV, you can easily and quickly automate simple A-B pallet transport in your company: for example, from the warehouse to a robotic cell, from a conveyor belt to a wrapper, or for transportation over longer distances.


    Global AGV can be installed in just 2-3 days, operates 24/7-365, and is so user-friendly that you can customise the routes yourself.



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  • MiR develops and manufactures one of the industry's most advanced series of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively automate internal logistics and optimise material handling.


    MiR offers a diverse fleet of mobile robots suitable for manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare applications.



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  • Efficient and precise palletising with DAN Palletiser.
    Say goodbye to manual lifts and inefficient workflows. Conveyor belts significantly improve your processes as they swiftly and efficiently move goods around in production.


    Conveyor belts provide greater safety, increased productivity, and a better working environment – and DAN Palletiser has decades of experience developing solutions for every need.



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Let us handle your internal transport and pallet handling, so you can focus of what you do best. 

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