Consistency and high OEE

Get a scalable, reliable solution that ensures high, consistent quality and can take over repetitive tasks. Our solutions are always developed in close collaboration and with high employee involvement – from operators and project managers to QAs and PTAs.



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Improve OEE

All applications are designed with stability and high uptime in mind.


High, consistent quality and hygiene – every time.

24/7 production

The robots keep your production running – also when you sleep.

Free up resources

Let the robots take over repetitive tasks and free up valuable resources.

Stable production around the clock


Use robots and automation for

  • Robots can ensure precise and consistent feeding of items, ensuring that items are handled correctly every time.

  • Automated item picking and packing streamline production and reduce the risk of contamination. For example, employees are relieved from counting items, and you ensure they turn the right way every time.

  • The pharma and medical industry faces numerous regulatory requirements for product handling, placing significant demands on processes such as palletising. At BILA, we specialise in setups that are compliant and adaptable to changing products and customers.

  • Automation solutions expand your options for handling waste correctly and thus comply with the regulations in the field.

  • The Pharma and Medical industries have high demands for documentation and traceability. We have extensive experience in developing equipment that meets industry requirements and facilitates product quality documentation.

  • Goods reception and material transport can be easily automated, allowing your employees to focus on more value-adding work. At the same time, it reduces bottlenecks or damage to the products.

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Robot arm eliminates the risk of contamination at MedicoPack

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