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BILA is a distributor of the market-leading UR robot arms, designed to mimic the movements of a human arm. With their six joints, they work with high precision and great flexibility. By assigning monotonous tasks to a cobot, you can streamline your production, free up manpower hours, and thus increase the company's earnings and value.


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Easy Programming

Thanks to patented technology, everyone – regardless of skill level – can quickly set up the robots and operate them using 3D visualization.

Rapid Setup

Collaborative robot arms from UR can be programmed and set up in just a few hours. And you can do it all yourself.

Flexible Adaptation

The collaborative UR robot arms are lightweight and do not require shielding due to built-in motion sensors.

Many Use Scenarios

Palletizing and machine operation are some of the obvious areas where UR robot arms can increase productivity.

Extra hands for $2 per Hour

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Lars Rasmussen

Director Robotics

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