Unique mounting solutions
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You are the specialist in your own products. We are specialists in automation, production optimisation and technology knowledge. That's why we develop solutions together with you, because that's the key to unique solutions.


With a high level of ambition and technical know-how, we always aim to create value for your business.



Ready for your business case?

Joint workshop

Invest time in preparation and get the right solution the first time.


Get help with structure and execution throughout the project.

High OEE

Prioritising the ramp-up period ensures knowledge transfer, training, and high OEE.

Increased profitability

Reduce costs, increase capacity, and increase competitiveness.

Partnership and assembly solutions

Why choose us as your automation partner?

  • In order to develop the most optimal automation solution, it is crucial that we understand your specific needs and know your challenges on an in-depth level. We always start a new project with a workshop, both with new and existing customers, as it provides shared ownership and is the starting point for a close collaboration. The workshop is a compressed programme over a few days, where we work together to develop ideas and concepts, create layouts of different solutions, and prepare business cases. This provides a solid basis for decision-making so that we can continue working on the projects and investments that provide the greatest value for your organisation.

  • Our project execution is based on the well-known Stage-Gate model. This model ensures a robust and reliable process that closely monitors and evaluates the project at every stage. We are dedicated to delivering results that not only fulfil your expectations, but also create significant value for your business. Our approach is designed to fulfil your needs and ensure a transparent and structured process that helps you succeed with your projects.

  • As an experienced automation partner and supplier of automated production equipment to large and medium-sized industrial companies within metal and electronics, we have in-depth knowledge of their processes, standards, and specific needs. We are happy to involve other partners and subcontractors in a project collaboration if they can bring knowledge and competences that add value to the project. For us, it's all about putting together the best team for the job, and we are a good facilitator in this respect.

Need a consult?

  • Jakob Simonsen


  • Martin Termansen

    Automation Consultant

  • Flemming Bunde



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