Say goodbye to time-
consuming reconfigurations

With Flexible Automation, you can easily and quickly reconfigure your robots from one need to another. This means you can increase production efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain high product quality—even when production requirements change frequently or batch sizes are small.



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Improved quality

Consistent quality and precision – even when transitioning between products.

Reduced expenses

Enables quick changes without significant costs.

Higher efficiency

Quick reconfiguration reduces downtime and increases production speed.


Free up time and resources for product development and innovation.

What is flexible automation?


Get started with flexible automation

  • Cobots are designed to work alongside humans and can perform a wide range of tasks, from assembly to inspection.


    Cobots are highly adaptable and can be implemented virtually anywhere in your production, regardless of product or process.



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  • MiR's mobile robots transport materials around the production area without needing fixed paths or rails.


    On top of the robots, you can mount various top modules depending on the nature of the task, making their ability to adapt to changes in the production environment particularly suitable for complex production settings.



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  • Cobots and MiR are great on their own, but combined, you can achieve even higher flexibility and functionality in your production.


    Cobots can perform tasks such as assembly, welding, and packing, while mobile robots handle transportation. This combination is beneficial when materials or products must be transported from different locations in the production facility to specific work areas.


    With MiR as a mobile transport platform, your cobot can follow the workflow around the production area without being limited by fixed paths or stationary installations. This provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing companies to adapt their production as needed.

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Lars Skaarup Rasmussen

Director, BILA Robotics

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