From uncertaincy 

to clarity in 1 hour

Take control of your data and minimise production downtime. No guesswork or gut feelings – just facts. Easier said than done, you might think, but with BILA DataCollector, you can be up and running in under an hour—leverage data to increase productivity and improve your bottom line.



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Reduce downtime

Map stops and downtime – analyse the causes – take action.

Increased productivity

Maximise production capacity and achieve greater output.

Less energy consumption

Understand your energy bill to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Improved bottom line

Optimisation is directly reflected in the bottom line – either as increased revenue or savings.

Leverage your data and achieve higher OEE

Digital data collection in 3 simple steps

  • Step one involves capturing a comprehensive view of production data, revealing current efficiency levels and untapped potential. The objective is to comprehend the dynamics within the production process, highlighting key metrics such as the frequency and duration of stops.


    • What's our total production output and the average cycle time?
    • How much downtime have we encountered, and what portion of that time was genuinely productive?
    • How many stops have we experienced, and what's the average duration of these interruptions
  • Moving forward involves delving into why these stops occur:


    • What's the main reason behind downtime and stops?


    Accurate figures detailing the minutes of lost production due to factors such as machine breakdowns, robot errors, changeovers, meetings, and holidays.


    It's what we call an improvement compass: providing concrete insights into areas for enhancement. No guesswork – just facts.

  • In the third step, the focus is on looking forward. BILA DataCollector doesn't just provide a snapshot of the past; it offers real-time insights into current operations. By integrating historical and real-time data, you can monitor the facility's performance status and compare ongoing output to expectations.


    A unified dashboard visualises the facility's performance, indicating whether production is ahead or behind. This allows for continuous improvements and real-time efficiency enhancements in production.

Frustrated with soaring energy costs?

Say goodbye to manual entries and let BILA DataCollector do the work

Karsten Futtrup

Product Owner, DataCollector

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