Data collection

BILA DataCollector

How well do you leverage production capacity?

BILA DataCollector provides transparency and insight into production performance by visualising OEE data.


Effortlessly grasp the efficiency and challenges of your production line. Our plug-and-play solution collects and stores data securely on our cloud server, enabling real-time monitoring. Say goodbye to guesswork and gut feelings – make decisions based on factual insights

Real-time data

Installed in less than an hour

Plug-and-play solution

You own all the data

What does BILA DataCollector offer?

Our data collection unit provides insights into unforeseen production stops and grants access to historical and real-time data, informing you about efficiency and challenges. BILA DataCollector requires no intricate IT projects or special software installations – you can access data from your existing devices, regardless of location.

BILA DataCollector offers a scalable solution based on open-source principles, putting you in control of your data. Our standard tool is Excel-based, featuring ready-made templates that can be customised as new requirements arise.


As a provider of automation, process optimisation, and robotic solutions, we possess extensive knowledge of all types and sizes of production facilities. We assist companies in streamlining workflows and optimising production processes, and with our data solution, you gain valuable insights and tangible results on the bottom line. We support you every step of the way, from choosing the solution to implementation and ongoing support.

Say goodbye to manual entries and let BILA DataCollector do the work

Karsten Futtrup

Product Owner, DataCollector

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