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Fish, chicken, bread, and confectionery – for many years, BILA has helped food manufacturing companies create a more efficient and competitive production, where hygiene and profitability take precedence.



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Increased yield

Consistency, precision, and hygiene ensure a higher yield.

Higher uptime

The robots keep your production running – also when you sleep.


Achieve reduced costs and increased competitiveness.

Flexible solutions

Modular, standardised cells that are easy to install and customise.

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  • Pick – Pack – Palletise. Everything you need, all in one place. We have the tools to automate even the most complex tasks in handling and packing food products. We can provide everything from conveyors to vision control, weight control, metal detection, and labelling. Install a robot on your existing production line without sacrificing flexibility and efficiency. We take care of everything – including necessary modifications – to ensure the system and the robot work seamlessly together.

  • Palletise (almost) every product type. With robotic palletising, you can achieve increased efficiency and reliability, a better work environment, and consistency. You can automate multiple processes in a single solution, as most palletising solutions have more than one robot. This allows for numerous high-speed operations with great precision in a limited space. Get a customised palletising solution tailored to your production. Our modular, standardised cells are flexible, easy to adapt to a given production, and, not least, quick to install.

  • Experience increased freedom and flexibility in production. With mixed packing, you can easily change products and packing sequences. Packing is often performed manually despite the ease and speed with which you can automate this function, thereby redeploying your employees to other tasks. The benefits are numerous: reduced costs, less time spent on the task, and improved physical working conditions.

  • Faster and better processing, improved working conditions, and increased competitiveness – these are some of the benefits of using industrial robots for processing products. Industrial robots can handle numerous tasks and reduce unit costs. A complete robot solution working in three shifts is typically repaid within 12-24 months.

  • Quality control performed by employees while packing is often why many dairies stick to manual cartoning. It doesn't have to be that way. At BILA, we provide equipment that performs quality checks of products before they are packed into cardboard boxes. Vision equipment acts as the robot's eyes and detects errors and deficiencies. Automating cartoning achieves greater precision and consistency – in other words, you get a more efficient process without compromising on quality.

  • The food industry relies on plastic crates for various purposes, such as transportation, cheese ripening, and storage of products. This requires efficient equipment for handling the loading and unloading of goods. The possibilities are vast, and we are experts in the field. Choosing the right solution is crucial, and our years of experience ensure you the best solution.

  • Besides developing and building the solutions, we also provide consultancy and guidance. BILA has extensive industrial knowledge and has executed various tasks – from simple solutions to integrated production systems. We leverage that knowledge and look at your current production with fresh eyes. We review your production systematically to suggest areas where untapped potential exists.

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Our customers achieve increased efficiency, shorter payback time, and improved competitiveness. We believe in long-term partnerships and are committed to empowering our partners to boost production and secure Danish jobs.

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