Data collection

Energy Measurement

Easy and flexible solution providing insights into power and air consumption in, for example, production facilities or automation cells.

BILA DataPower has introduced a new option providing insights into two critical factors: power and air consumption. The Energy Module is designed to offer essential transparency into your company's energy usage – how much power or air does your production or automation cell truly consume? Are there any unseen leaks in the system?

Real-time data

Installed in less than an hour

Save money on energy consumption

Why opt for the Energy Module?

The Energy Module offers a real-time snapshot and a thorough insight into energy consumption trends. With the data it collects, you can, for instance, evaluate the costs associated with keeping a system on standby after the workday – and assess whether it's more economical for an employee to arrive a bit earlier and initiate the system. The Energy Module is also valuable for identifying potential leaks in the pneumatic system.

The Energy Module is easy to set up. All that's required is a power socket – in fact, the entire implementation can be completed in under an hour.


A compact mini-PC manages data collection, displays information, and establishes a database without the need for technical interventions or complex installations. The Energy Module is delivered as a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution, similar to your home electricity meter – no need for IT involvement.

Say goodbye to manual entries and let BILA DataPower do the work

Karsten Futtrup

Product Owner, DataPower

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