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UR30 is the most powerful collaborative robot to date, boasting a payload of 30kg – an industrial cobot that elevates performance and payload capacity to new heights.

With an impressive 30kg payload, UR's latest addition is perfect for loading and unloading larger machines in machining processes and palletizing heavier products/items. This robust robot suits multiple applications and assists in more environments than ever before.


1300 mm / 51.2 in


30 kg / 66.13 lbs


Ø 245 mm


63,5 kg / 139.9 lbs

As you know it – just stronger

Boost efficiency, uptime, and get products to market faster than ever before. UR30 is designed with performance, speed, and motion control at the forefront – while still embracing the classic UR features such as quick setup, easy programming, flexible redeployment, collaboration, and safety. Just as you know it. Only better.

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Lars Rasmussen

Director Robotics

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