Palletising and de-palletising with Kawasaki

Make heavy lifting a piece of cake

When you automate your palletising, you increase competitiveness and create a better physical working environment.

Stacking boxes, bags, bottles, and cartons on pallets is the final step on the assembly line. Flexibility in pallet patterns, tools, and cycle times is crucial for maintaining competitive production. Kawasaki offers industrial robots specifically designed for high-speed palletising tasks, capable of handling heavy loads and reaching long distances.

Increased competitiveness

Higher flexibility

Higher speed

Increased output and a healthier workplace

Labour shortages in the manufacturing industry, the risk of long-term absences due to lifting injuries, and employees preferring less physically demanding tasks are some of the challenges that can disrupt timely palletising.


This is why you should delegate the task to robots. Robots can work hours without breaks, ensuring efficient and reliable palletising while significantly increasing output. Additionally, robotic palletising creates a healthier workplace by preventing heavy lifting for your employees.

Ready to palletise faster?

Want an industrial robot to take over your palletising?

Kent Ruseng Thomassen

R&D Manager, Kawasaki

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