Pick & Place

No more inefficient processes

Sort and pick small parts and food items on a conveyor belt with high precision and speed.

Eliminate manual labour and inefficient processes with Kawasaki's Pick & Place robots. These robots can quickly and efficiently sort, pack, or move items on your conveyor belt. Capable of handling various types of objects and materials, they significantly enhance your production speed and accuracy.

High precision and speed

Efficient and profitable operations

Increased competitiveness

Hassle-free and profitable operations

Kawasaki's YF series is widely used in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and machinery parts industries. These robots are designed to handle a variety of objects and materials. Whether it's packing, assembling, sorting, or moving parts, YF series robots complete tasks with ease and precision, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Let an industrial robot ensure precision in your production

Kent Ruseng Thomassen

R&D Manager, Kawasaki

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