Let the robots handle the complex assembly tasks

Achieve precise and consistent screw driving, nut driving, part fitting, and insertion with Kawasaki's industrial robots.

Today, robots can identify the parts needed to assemble a product correctly. They can also handle various tools, correct position errors, and synchronise with other robots for particularly large assembly tasks.

Precision and consistency in every tasks

Better work environment

More efficient assembly

Automating assembly processes

Free your employees from repetitive tasks, improve assembly process consistency, and broaden production capabilities. Kawasaki has been enhancing technology for over 40 years to meet high demand in assembly applications. Today, their product lineup includes a range of robots to boost quality, consistency, and assembly speed. For large-scale assembly tasks, multiple robots can synchronise to handle or assemble large components using cooperative motion control.

Want an industrial robot to handle assembly?

Kent Ruseng Thomassen

R&D Manager, Kawasaki

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