Kawasaki x D:PLOY

Speed up your palletising

You might be familiar with the following: palletising patterns, tools, and cycle times are three significant challenges when it comes to enhancing flexibility in your production and palletising process.


However, it doesn't have to be this way. Kawasaki's palletising robots are designed for high-speed applications, heavy loads, and extended reach.


And when paired with OnRobots' D:PLOY, the results are even more impressive.



Robot palletising with D:PLOY


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Zero programming

Save up to 90% of your time

Quick and easy implementation

Up and running 
in only 4 hours

With D:PLOY, your palletising application can be up and running in just 4 hours. And if your production requirements change, you can quickly introduce new boxes or containers, pallet sizes, and palletising patterns.

D:PLOY is a revolutionary platform from OnRobot that makes it easy to launch a robot application without programming or simulation. It seamlessly integrates with Kawasaki.


This allows you to leverage the advantages of automation and deploy new applications swiftly on the production floor. With D:PLOY, you can cut implementation and reimplementation time by up to 90% compared to traditional solutions.



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Kent Ruseng Thomassen

R&D Manager, Kawasaki

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