SD35 Screwdriver

SD35 Brushless Screwdriver System for Cobots

SD35 – All-in-one screw solution. Inserts up to 6 screws in less than one minute, even in tight and hard-to-reach areas.


The SD35 is a brushless screwdriver system designed for use with collaborative robots. The tool is secure, easy to use, and contributes to a consistent screw assembly for screws requiring a torque of up to 3.5 Nm. The SD35 incorporates several built-in features that enhance robot integration and support collaborative work environments.


Item No. UR/49000

Additional Description

The SD35 is designed for pick & place screw applications. This means that screws are picked up from an automatic screw feeder located within the robot's reach and then screwed into the product at programmed insertion points.


Safety Shield

The safety shield covers the bit and screw when the tool is in motion, thereby protecting the user from rotating and sharp elements. If the tool unexpectedly encounters an object, a safety sensor immediately stops the robot. The built-in safety sensor is performance level-d, making implementation safe and easy.

Easy Path Programming 

The included teach pen assists the user in setting the exact position through screw insertion points. Pressing the freedrive button allows the tool to move to the next position. Use the configurable button to save waypoints, start the screwdriver, etc.


Inspection Holes and Hard-to-Reach Spaces

Screws can be inserted into countersunk holes with depths of up to 15 mm from the surface.