AiM Dispenser

Dispenser for your UR robot

Aim Robotics offers a range of dispensing heads that can be mounted on collaborative robots to ensure precise delivery of liquids within a production setup.


Item No. UR/42000

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The FD400 employs a single screw pump dispensing system. The liquid is pumped through the system using an electric motor, eliminating the need for compressed air.


Our URCap guides the user in setup and can be easily reprogrammed. Our cleaning cycles help prevent the accumulation of liquid in the nozzle area. With Aim URCap, you can control the dispensing rate.

FD400 Fluid Dispenser uses standard DIN1284 cartridges.

  • Typical application: grease NLGI 2-3


With a 310 adapter, it is possible to adapt the FD400 for the use of 310 cartridges.

  • Typical application: silicone