Pally from Rocketfarm

The leading palletizing software for Universal Robots.

Pally is a palletizing URcap designed to be agile, flexible, and quick to install. Automate your palletizing with our software. It handles production changes effortlessly and requires no downtime.


Item No. UR/39000

Additional Description

With Pally, your palletizing project is up and running in one day.


Companies worldwide have integrated our palletizing software, receiving fantastic feedback and even better results (read about our "Try Before You Buy" results here). Our network of partners spans the globe (and is still growing). This means you can buy locally and get all the support you need (if you need it).

We can quickly determine if a UR robot can palletize your products. We have developed a powerful simulation tool that creates a video simulation of your palletizing


This allows us to confirm your project. For now, it's free. Request your simulation now.


Rocketfarm specializes in software development for Universal Robots. We are UR+ certified and recommended by UR.