OnRobot Eyes

Flexible 2.5D Vision System

Vision system with fast implementation and adaptation. Intuitive programming with calibration and part recognition using a single image in just a few minutes.


Ideal for sorting objects, machine operation, and other pick & place applications where orientation is crucial.


Item No. UR/17070

Additional Description

OnRobot Eyes makes it easy and cost-effective to implement vision for almost any collaborative application. Eyes are ideal for sorting a variety of objects, CNC machine processing with metal parts defined by their external shape, and many other pick-and-place applications where orientation is important.. 


With OnRobot Eyes, you can easily sort and perform pick-and-place for unstructured applications with high reliability using any robot arm.

Eyes can be mounted on the robot's wrist or externally with position adjustments for customization to your application, and it seamlessly integrates with the robot interface and gripper via OnRobot's Quick Changer.


Implementation is quick, minimizing downtime when transitioning to new products or processes. Calibration and part recognition with a single image take just a few minutes, and programming is intuitive and fast. And with Eyes' advanced, cost-effective 2.5D vision, you get depth perception and the ability to stack parts without increased complexity.

Intuitive programming

Easy One System setup for any leading robot brand with easy-to-install and program software, allowing even non-technical personnel to set it up.


Calibration and Part Recognition with a Single Image

Simply take a picture of the work surface to calibrate the camera view and one image for each item the system needs to detect.

Adjustable wrist or External mount

Eyes can be mounted on the robot arm or externally. Multiple reconfigurations are available - around the robot flange and tilt direction.


2.5D Vision with Depth Perception

Depth perception can be used for applications such as stacking or handling objects at different heights.