Remote access to your Universal Robots

ARCS2 is a pure software solution that provides remote access to your Universal Robots. ARCS2 comes with multiple functionalities and can be easily downloaded from and installed directly on the Universal Robots teach pendant.


Item No. UR/41000

Additional Description

The ARCS2 remote access function operates via VNC, allowing you to program, control, or even operate Universal Robots from anywhere and on any device to support and troubleshoot your robots.


Remote access uses a secure SSH tunnel. Access outside the LAN network can be achieved through the use of the company's VPN connection.


Minimize production downtime by optimizing support options and accessibility to your Universal Robots.

The software is easy to download and install with a user-friendly and intuitive URCap GUI.


A highly secure solution that complies with Universal Robots specifications and Industry 4.0 requirements:

  • No global internet connection required.