Increase lifting capacity for UR robots

Extended operational range thanks to a universal robot to enhance productivity and save costs. No hardware/software upgrades required. Direct positioning access within the UR control environment.


Item No. UR/35005

Additional Description

Vertical axis for collaborative robots (Cobots). Cobots are often used for palletizing, but when the pallet stack reaches a certain height, they reach their limits. The easily assembled LIFTKIT extends the Cobot's reach by moving it along a vertical axis. The Cobot's base can be raised or lowered during palletizing, ensuring it is always in an optimal working position. This increased reach improves productivity and reduces costs.

UR-LIFTKIT is a ready-to-install system and includes a telescopic column with a UR mounting interface, a controller, and a software plugin for robots from Universal Robots (UR Cap), allowing movements to be programmed directly via the UR controller. The UR mounting plate and column are equipped with additional threaded holes for connecting external cable systems.