Solutions for cobot palletizing

Make the palletizing process faster and easier with electric lifting columns from LINAK. ELEVATE™ is a lifting column for cobot palletizing that extends the reach of your cobot, increasing both speed and flexibility. ELEVATE utilizes the powerful LC3 IC.

Additional Description

Lifting columns extend the reach for cobot palletizing

Cobot palletizing solutions are a valuable answer to material handling, freeing your employees from monotonous and physically demanding tasks.


However, collaborative robots with limited reach are hindered in stacking boxes above a certain height.

LINAK® ELEVATE lifting column allows palletizing at greater heights. The cobot can be raised or lowered during palletizing to achieve the most advantageous working position. It is also economically beneficial to expand the cobot's workspace with the column acting as the 7th axis.

ELEVATE takes your palletizing to the next level because it is:


  • Fast: Load-independent speed up to 100 mm/sec. and the option for simultaneous movement
  • Flexible: Integrated control with digital and analog I/O options or Modbus TCP/IP
  • Robust: Low deflection with a 100 kg load and up to 1400 Nm dynamic bending moment