Cobot Lift - Stationary

Increase lifting capacity for UR robots

The Stationary Cobot Lift functions as an exoskeleton for cobots mounted on the floor. It enhances the cobot's payload up to 45 kg and is ideal for easy collaborative palletizing or pick-and-place.


Item No. UR/35005

Features and benefits

The stationary cobot lift allows the UR10 to lift up to 45 kg collaboratively. It is easy to set up and use, delivered as a complete package - Cobot Lift tool including URCap software, steel crane, vacuum tube, and pump. The steel crane can be securely attached to the floor and has a very small footprint.


In most cases, there is no need for fencing for this collaborative solution, and the workforce can work side by side with the Cobot Lift. This solution comes with an arm for the UR10, to be mounted on a steel crane, and it can be configured for double palletizing.

The end-of-arm tool does not need to be vacuum-based; it can also be mechanical, electrical, magnetic - whatever you need to assemble the product.