Cobot Lift - Mobile

Mobile Upgrade of Lifting Capacity for UR Robots

Integrates robot, controller, teaching pendant, vacuum tube, pump, and crane into a single unit for maximum flexibility and mobility.


Item No. UR/47100

Features and benefits

The standardized mobile cobot lift is compact, quick to install, and easy to configure. It increases the lifting capacity of Universal Robots' UR10 from 5 to 45 kg. The use of collaborative robots significantly reduces the space requirement by over 50% compared to cells with industrial robots


In many cases, a fence or cage is not required, and operators can safely work side by side with the robot.

This solution allows for continuous operation, and the operator can easily remove a complete pallet without stopping a collaborative robot. The solution can also be moved with a lifting device. The end-of-arm tool does not need to be vacuum-based; it can be mechanical, electrical, magnetic—anything you need to assemble a product.


Smart design contributes to a quick and easy installation. The Cobot Lift URcap application has an intuitive interface that ensures easy layer configuration without the need for complicated robot programming.