WINGMAN Tool Changer System

Automatic & Manual Tool Changer

The WINGMAN tool changing system provides easy automatic and manual tool exchange for your UR robot.


All-in-one - Plug and Play - Right out of the box.


WINGMAN is installed and implemented for automatic tool changing in minutes with your preferred UR robot and robot tools - Plug and Play.

Additional Description

With automatic tool changing, your UR robot can deploy multiple tools, perform more tasks, and generate increased production.



  • Automatic and manual tool changing in one unit..
  • Plug and Play in minutes.
  • Patented fail-safe locking mechanism.
  • Super compact and super strong (rated load 33 kg and only 30 mm high).
  • Designed and tested for safety with cobots (ISO/TS 15066).
  • Two (2) integrated M5 ports for pneumatic or vacuum pass-through.
  • Click-on modules with two (2) M7 ports for high-pressure pneumatic or vacuum pass-through.
  • Click-on modules with standard UR connector (M8/8-pin) for electrical pass-through.
  • All tool changer parts are surface-treated in high-quality aluminum.
  • Compact holder that stores robot tools when not mounted on the robot.
  • URcap-software.

How does it work?

WINGMAN is a completely mechanical "new school" automatic tool changer unit that does not require compressed air to activate the coupling and uncoupling mechanism, unlike traditional "old school" tool changers. Automatic tool changing relies solely on the robot's movement through space to function.


This means that anyone who can teach waypoints on a UR robot can install and implement the WINGMAN tool changing system in minutes - No need for the installation of compressed air, hoses, air valves, and related I/O setup.