Safedoor SD100 - Unique Automatic Door System

Safedoor is a unique automatic door system, specifically designed for the robotic maintenance of CNC machines. Easy and quick installation, everything needed to set up Safedoor SD100 is included. The setup time is estimated to be between 1 to 2 hours.


Item No. UR/53000

Additional Description

Safedoor SD100 is an innovative, secure, and user-friendly solution for handling CNC machine doors in collaborative applications for machine maintenance. The Safedoor SD100 system consists of a controller and one or two actuators, depending on whether it is a single or double-door CNC machine.


The intelligent Safedoor controller monitors the door's movement and ensures smooth and reliable operation. The controller then communicates with the robot and CNC machine, controlling the door movement while ensuring smooth and reliable procedures.


With adjustable travel speed and built-in force monitoring, it is capable of safe operation alongside human operators.


The door's maximum speed can be adjusted to enhance machine productivity and efficiency.

Advantages and Key Features

  • Easy installation, programming, and risk assessment.
  • Optimized for integration with collaborative robots.
  • Fast and silent operation.
  • Automatic adjustment of door size.
  • Force control, optimized for safe and reliable operation.
  • Can handle both single and double-door CNC machines.
  • Flexible mounting brackets for easy integration with various CNC machines.
  • Included control panel allows manual operation of the door and CNC machine.