EasyRobotics ProFeeder Flex

Easy and quick tool change

ProFeeder Flex is the newest addition to the ProFeeder family, which already boasts over 500 units worldwide. It is a robotic cell enabling flexible maneuvering around the factory premises.


Item No. UR/45130

Additional Description

It is an extremely compact and flexible ProFeeder compatible with various robot brands such as Universal Robot A/S, Kassow Robots, Doosan, Hanwha Group, AUBO Robotics, FANUC Corporation, and many more.


EasyRobotics is a pioneer in designing innovative products that help manufacturers achieve maximum production in less time, and the new ProFeeder Flex is one of them, created to provide flexibility and easy mobility advantages to manufacturers in their limited production facilities and assembly lines. Manufacturers can choose the ProFeeder Flex according to their needs from three different models:

  • FlexBase - equipped with space for the controller and pedestal
  • FlexOne - one table
  • FlexThree - three tables


High Maneuverability: The system is easily movable around the production area and can be placed in limited space capacities on the factory premises.

State-of-the-art design: ProFeeder Flex has the option to have the robot arm positioned centrally or integrated on the pedestal with space for cable routing. Innovative: It allows flexible mounting of the teaching pendant and provides additional space to store the controller in the area.


ProFeeder Flex is created using state-of-the-art design with a robot arm positioned centrally on the integrated pedestal. Furthermore, it is highly innovative to ensure flexible mounting of the teaching pendant and provides extra space in the area to store the controller.


All cables and wires that come with the system are concealed from the production environment. The controller and robot unit can be accessed through RJ45 after the installation process.