Automation solution for your CNC machine

CLAMPBOOSTER offers the ideal way to automate manual vises on CNC machines.


With CLAMPBOOSTER, any CNC machine can be fully automated. With this new drive element, robots can now not only pick up the workpiece and bring it to the CNC machine independently, but with CLAMPBOOSTER, they can also securely clamp the workpiece in the vise for processing.

Additional Description

Take your robot's power to a new level. Maximum efficiency and production security in quality and quantity, thanks to highly standardized and now fully automated CNC clamping technology.


Greater efficiency in CNC production
CLAMPBOOSTER promises easy integration into the workflow through simple programming in the robot's software-based control method. Thanks to an intuitive input screen, no programming knowledge and robot know-how are required.

Can be used in all CNC production cycles

CLAMPBOOSTER can be used universally in all CNC production cycles. And thanks to interchangeable adapters, it is compatible with many vise systems.


Guarantees secure clamping

CLAMPBOOSTER guarantees secure clamping of the workpiece in the clamping system, with adjustable clamping torque and high repeatability in the production cycle. With unique functionality and impressive precision.