Cable management for your UR

The Flexible Holder System (FHS) is used for dress packs on UR robots. It is designed for quick and tool-free installation. Both the main body of the FHS and the Velcro tape are manufactured in a 2K process, ensuring a secure and slip-resistant attachment of media equipment, as well as a robot-friendly assembly.


A modified conduit with a longitudinal opening is used, making it easy to thread pre-assembled cables with connectors. The kit includes all necessary parts for UR3, UR5, and UR10.

Yderligere beskrivelse

  • Fastest and Easiest Way to Route Cables
  • The kit includes all necessary components along with assembly instructions and a parts list
  • Flexible lengths for different diameters of the robot arm
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Slip-resistant attachment of the media guide
  • Suitable for dynamic applications
  • Easy opening of the holder
  • "Captivating" locking clips as one unit
  • With cable-friendly strain relief
  • No scratches on the robot

How it works:

Insert the cables into the corrugated conduit using the included drawing tool. Cut the strain relief and thread the cables through the strain relief rubber. Place the strain relief on the corrugated conduit. Position the FHS on the robot and close it with Velcro. Place the corrugated conduit in the holders and close the holders.