SMC Gripper

Air gripper for collaborative robots

Air gripper equipped with high-precision linear guidance. Compact, lightweight product with high gripping capability due to air operation.

Operated by simply connecting 1 air supply hose and an electric M8 plug connection. With the dedicated UR Cap, operation is intuitive, and it is possible to easily receive sensor signals.


Item No. UR/07100


  • Integrated air gripper, solenoid valve, autoswitch, and speed adjustment mechanism
  • Can be mounted directly on the robot
  • Easy programming with UR Caps
  • Added protective cover for safety

How does it work?

  • Compact lightweight air gripper with high rigidity linear guidance: equipped with JMHZ2-16D
  • Can be used at long gripping distances
  • Comes with attachment for testing
  • Identify the workpiece using the two equipped autoswitches
  • Built-in speed adjustment mechanism for opening and closing
  • Grip workpieces at the matching speed or cycle time
SMC Griber