Schunk PSH 22-1 Gripper

Plug & Work grippers from Schunk for Universal Robots

The Plug & Work portfolio consists of electrically and pneumatically activated grippers, quick-change modules, and force/torque sensors specifically tailored to robot arms from Universal Robots.


Item No. UR/06200

Grip Force

Is the arithmetic sum of the individual force applied to each jaw at distance P


Finger Length

The maximum allowable finger length applies until the nominal operating pressure is reached. At higher pressures, the finger length must be reduced proportionally to the nominal operating pressure.


Defined as the distribution of the final position for 100 consecutive cycles.

Controlled via digital I/O.


Workpiece Weight
Calculated for force fitting with a coefficient of static friction of 0.1 and a safety factor of 2 against workpiece sliding due to gravitational acceleration g. For shape fitting or catch gripping, significantly higher allowable workpiece weights apply.


Closing and Opening Times

Are simply the time when the base jaws or fingers are in motion. Valve switch times, hose times, or PLC reaction times are not included and should be considered when calculating cycle times.