RG2 Gripper

Flexible robot gripper with 2 fingers and a large reach

Flexible grippers can be used for various object sizes and shapes. The plug-and-produce design reduces implementation time from one day to one hour. Easy implementation with grippers that can be used immediately reduces programming time by 70%.


Item No. UR/17002

Additional Description

RG2 - the robot arm gripper with a 2 kg payload is a flexible collaborative gripper with a built-in Quick Changer and up to 110 mm reach. It provides intelligence, fast implementation, easy user customization, and programming. The unique software features in our all-in-one solution significantly reduce development and production time.

The RG2 gripper is a tool for a wide range of applications. Customized fingertips provide great grip flexibility, allowing customers to use one tool for different parts of the production process and thus maximize the robot's productivity. RG2 seamlessly works with the Dual Quick Changer and all our other grippers, allowing you to get the most out of your robots. RG2 is TÜV certified and comes standard with safety shielding.

Advantages and Features of RG2

The RG2 gripper can be combined with the Dual Quick Changer module. The Dual Quick Changer operates on the same principles as the Quick Changer module. However, the purpose of the Dual Quick Changer is to allow the use of two end-of-arm tools (EoAT) simultaneously, enabling, for example, the use of an RG2 gripper and an RG6 gripper at the same time.

Our unique end-of-arm gripper for robots helps you maximize the use of your robots. With the Dual Quick Changer, production time is reduced as multiple workpieces are handled simultaneously. Overall, the Dual Quick Changer increases production efficiency by approximately 50%.