2FG7 Gripper

Electric Parallel Gripper for Tight Spaces

Robust and flexible parallel gripper, ideal for tight spaces and demanding payloads. Easy to program and customize for various tasks.


IP67-rated for use in challenging work conditions, and ISO Class 5 certified for cleanroom use.


Item No. UR/17060

Additional Description

OnRobot's 2FG7 is a complete, cost-effective, electric parallel gripper ready for use, can be implemented in minutes, and requires no special customization during installation, programming, or maintenance.


The 2FG7 is easy to mount on any larger collaborative robots or lightweight industrial robots, making it ideal for low-volume-high-mix production, ensuring quick ROI for various applications.

Cost-effective and Easy to Use for Quick ROI

Since the 2FG7 gripper is easy to use and cost-effective, it can be quickly implemented in various applications.


Ideal for Tight Spaces and Demanding Payloads

Thanks to its powerful grip and compact size, the 2FG7 is the perfect gripper for working in tight spaces and applications with limited maneuvering space, even with heavy payloads.


Flexible and Precise

Precise adjustment of the large force range and reach means you can use the same gripper for many different tasks and applications.

No Need for Compressed Air

The electric parallel gripper, 2FG7, is ideal for high-mix-low-volume production as it enables quick and easy implementation and re-implementation.


IP67 Rating for Challenging Work Conditions

The 2FG7 can operate under challenging production conditions and applications such as machining.


ISO Class 5 Certification for Cleanroom Use

Since the 2FG7 meets ISO Class 5 requirements, it is ready for use in pharmaceutical and electronics industries.