Optimisation project from BILA Service increased efficiency by 25%

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Increased efficiency and higher output

With assistance from BILA Service, Dokka Fasteners in Norway has achieved a 25% increase in production efficiency. A review of the company's production facilities and subsequent restructuring of automation solutions ensures Dokka Fasteners a better output.

25% higher efficiency

Optimised production

Reliable production

Good cooperation


Due to challenges in production and a production flow that was not optimally utilized, Norwegian company Dokka Fasteners sought an optimisation solution to future-proof production. It was crucial to ensure that the newly implemented solution was fully utilized.


The implementation of an optimisation project, led by technicians from BILA Service, allowed Dokka to identify and map optimisation opportunities in production. The most positive outcome was the subsequent streamlining of processes in the facility.


After completing the performance check, Dokka has achieved an improvement in output with an efficiency gain of 25%. BILA Service has ensured sustained and secure operation, increased speed, and extended runtime.

For the Norwegian bolt manufacturer, Dokka Fasteners, BILA Service has completed a reconstruction project for their Kawasaki robots in the galvanizing facility of bolt production, handling the company's high-quality bolts. In addition to the investment in the new, refurbished robot solution, Dokka sought optimised production.


Rune Andre Furuseth, who is Maintenance Supervisor at Dokka, explains: "When you have production with automation solutions, there is a strong focus on uptime, output, and efficiency. With the implementation of new robot technology, we wanted to ensure that our facility provided the most optimal yield. BILA Service could also assist us in this aspect. A review of production ultimately resulted in increased efficiency."


Optimisation project resulted in a 25% efficiency gain


With challenges in production and a production flow that was not optimally utilized, Dokka was looking for optimisation to future-proof production.


"It's not enough for production to run as it should. It should be able to perform at its best – and that required a performance check. Through an optimisation project conducted by technicians from BILA Service, we mapped out optimisation opportunities in production – and, best of all, subsequently streamlined processes in the facility,"


Rune Andre Furuseth, Maintenance Supervisor

Competent, experienced, and personalised service partner


Dokka Fasteners has a long-standing tradition of collaboration with BILA Service. Therefore, it was only natural that the choice fell on BILA Service for assistance with the optimisation project.


"Collaboration with BILA Service is characterised by professionalism and expertise. The technicians are competent, take the time to listen, and are extremely good at asking the right questions. BILA is easy to work with and, being a large organisation, can handle all types of tasks without problems," 


Rune Andre Furuseth, Maintenance Supervisor


When a company collaborates with BILA Service, they are assigned a dedicated contact person. At Dokka Fasteners, Brian Ejsing, Project Manager at BILA Service, has been following the project from start to finish.


"We greatly appreciate having one point of contact at BILA Service. Brian understands our business and our operations. This ensures that we have the same mindset regarding production, undoubtedly providing the best foundation for finding a solution. After the performance check, we have an improved output with a 25% efficiency gain. BILA Service has ensured us continuous and secure operation, higher speed, and longer uptime. Our collaboration with BILA Service has gone so well that we are now working on new projects for our other production facilities," says Rune Andre Furuseth.

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