Arla Birkum optimises and automates its production


Automation meets new needs

At Arla Birkum, the goal was to expand production, increase efficiency, and make the production line more versatile.

Updated and customized production

Improved work environment

Fewer pallet changes and manual adjustments

Quick installation


Arla Birkum aimed to update multiple aspects by adding round cheeses weighing 14 kg to the production line, handling longer cheeses in a new and longer crate type, palletizing more boxes of butter, and ultimately dealing with irregular cheese packaging.


To address these challenges, Arla Birkum chose an automation solution from BILA. A new robot was implemented in production, and the two existing robots were updated. One of the two older robots received a software update, while the other was equipped with a gripping tool.


Arla Birkum improved the working environment and expanded their facility, enabling them to handle new products with corresponding boxes and frames. This upgrade also reduced the need for frequent pallet changes and minimized errors in handling cheeses, resulting in fewer manual adjustments.

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