A BILA preliminary project is a good investment for complex solutions

Project Management

Preliminary project opens the doors for a strong partnership

When as a BILA customer want a complex solution, numerous questions arise quickly. Therefore, BILA offers to conduct a preliminary project in collaboration with the customer. Through a preliminary project, the risks are defined within an agreed-upon price and timeframe.

Commitment from all parties

Decisions are based on fact

Securing mutual success

Increases competitiveness


The Kelsen Group wanted to eliminate EGA and heavy lifting from a section of their production, while achieving manpower savings.


BILA, in collaboration with Kelsen Group, has developed a system that combines a cutting and repalletising process in one unit. The system cuts and opens butter cartons weighing 25 kg.


The cutting and thawing process used to take about 3-4 weeks, but now EGA has been removed, and thawing has been reduced to just 36 hours.

Both the customer and BILA invest in testing and analysis in the critical phase at the beginning of a project, where the foundation for 80% of the project's costs is typically established. Making informed decisions in the initial phase often leads to a successful project in the end. The result of a preliminary project is an analysis, testing of specific tasks, and a report with cost and schedule details for the task, created in close collaboration with the individual customer.


The whole idea behind a BILA preliminary project is to conduct thorough groundwork for the project to create confidence for the customer. There are many examples of projects that have not been delivered with the right quality, capacity, or functionality. Similarly, delivery is often not made within the agreed-upon time and price. This is often related to the fact that the scope of the task has not been clearly defined from the beginning, and that is precisely what BILA aims to avoid with a preliminary project.


The conclusion of a preliminary project may be that the project does not have an attractive ROI, the technology is not present, or other conditions that prevent the main project from being implemented. However, the 'damage' is then limited to a smaller amount, and the decision is made based on facts—not assumptions.

Kelsen Group – A successful preliminary project


One of the companies that has undertaken a successful preliminary project in close collaboration with BILA is Kelsen Group, globally renowned for its biscuits. At their two modern bakeries in Denmark, they produce and sell 25,000 tons of biscuits annually across 12 production lines.


Kelsen Group aimed to eliminate EGA and heavy lifting from a portion of their production while achieving manpower savings. Together with BILA, they developed new technology to address these challenges, enhancing their efficiency and strengthening their competitiveness.


BILA, in partnership with Kelsen Group, created a system that incorporates a cutting and repalletising process in a single unit. The system cuts and opens 25 kg butter cartons. The cutting and thawing process, which used to take approximately 3-4 weeks, has now been streamlined to just 36 hours with the removal of EGA.


The preliminary project focused on verifying the chosen solution to ensure its practical viability. Specifically, the knife used to cut the butter cartons was tested in BILA's development and testing center to ensure the technology worked, and whether the cycle time and capacity could meet Kelsen's requirements.


The success of this preliminary project led to the realisation of the main project. Kelsen is now much more competitive, able to fulfill orders within a few days compared to the previous delivery time of several weeks. Additionally, the work environment, safety, and quality have significantly improved.


"The collaboration on the preliminary project has truly provided confidence in the choice of the solution and ensured the success of the project. Now, we have a system in place that fully meets our desires and requirements,"


Johan Dissing, Technical Manager

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