MiR and BILA Enter Partnership: Making Automation Easier


A close collaboration between BILA A/S and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is set to make it easier for industrial customers worldwide to implement automation.


BILA is already a Certified System Integrator of MiR's autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and with this new collaboration, we will market and sell MiR robots to integrators and end-users. Additionally, we can assist industrial customers worldwide in implementing MiR's robots and integrating the use of AMRs with other automation and robot technologies.


This applies to both standalone intralogistic solutions and larger, more complex automation projects.


"We have had a strong desire to establish a close collaboration with a partner who has strong expertise in automation and intralogistics. BILA stands out particularly well due to their professionalism and customer platform in automation, so we have high expectations for the collaboration,"


Jean-Pierre Hathout, President, MiR


Furthermore, Jean-Pierre Hathout emphasises: "Our MiR robots are highly suitable for many of BILA's customers, and the combination of our shared value proposition will be a significant plus for many companies."


Partner with a versatile profile


MiR develops user-friendly, flexible, and secure robots to help companies improve their efficiency. These unique collaborative robots are now used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries and healthcare sectors to automate their internal transport.

"BILA has a solid understanding of both MiR's products and the challenges that larger companies face with increased automation. It is crucial that our customers can feel confident both in the integration process and subsequent operation. We also have a strong focus on training all our partners, so most challenges can be addressed locally," says Jean-Pierre Hathout.


Strong value alignment


A strong value alignment between MiR and BILA has been crucial for the establishment of this partnership, Hathout emphasises.


"BILA approaches all tasks with dedication, credibility, and a can-do attitude that aligns exceptionally well with MiR's core values. We share a customer-focused approach, allowing us to quickly and effectively find the optimal solution, whether it involves implementing new projects or solving technical challenges,"


Jean-Pierre Hathout, President, MiR


About Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)


MiR develops and produces one of the industry's most advanced series of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively automate internal logistics and optimise material handling.


They offer a broad fleet of mobile robots used by both large enterprises and small to medium-sized customers in various industries, from manufacturing to logistics to healthcare. MiR was founded in Denmark in 2013 and has grown to become a global leader with almost 220 distributors and certified system integrators in 60 countries.


Published in August 2023.

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