From internship to permanent employment in the Software Department


In August 2021, we welcomed Daniel L. Jensen and Kaare Larsen for the first time as Software Engineer Trainees in BILA's Software Department. They graduated from the Maritime Training and Education Center (MARTEC) in Frederikshavn and have long been fascinated by computers, robots, and automation. According to them, their internship was an experience where they both witnessed and learned a tremendous amount.


Among other things, they were involved in a Grundfos project, where, with support from their mentor, their task was to develop all software for three different concepts in areas such as palletising and stacking.


It has been an incredibly cool project to be a part of. Just being able to develop and deliver a product to a real company that is used for something is, according to Kaare, truly magical.

A robot in their hands - and they were sold


The two gentlemen had barely set foot on the premises before they were thrown into a task and found themselves with a robot in hand – and that's when they were sold. Daniel and Kaare describe their internship as 'freedom with responsibility,' which they both thrive on and live up to.


Kaare and Daniel explain that the experience involves a good combination of being very independent, with room for creativity to find the right solution, while never feeling alone as there is ample opportunity for help and collaboration.


"It has been wonderful with a good dose of freedom, where you don't feel like someone is constantly looking over your shoulder, but you have a great responsibility to deliver a finished product by the deadline,"


Kaare Larsen, Software Engineer Trainee, BILA


Daniel also mentions that the attitude and atmosphere created here are reflected in one's mood and commitment, making their internship a positive experience.


They are listened to for the ideas they bring, and they get the feeling that they are not just interns but valuable contributors to the company, says Daniel.


It's also worth noting that Daniel and Kaare have been proactive, trying things out, seeking inspiration, solutions, and asking questions when necessary.


In a positive and educational internship, the dream came true


On January 3, 2022, we had the pleasure of welcoming Daniel and Kaare as permanent employees in the Software Department as Software Engineers. Since the beginning of their internship, they had a dream of becoming permanent employees. Therefore, there is no doubt that Daniel and Kaare are incredibly happy with their employment at BILA. Ever since Kaare started at MARTEC, he has had a big dream of working with automation, programming, and software development in a large automation company like BILA.


"Well, it was a dream come true, you could say," Kaare tells.


And it's no wonder when you get the chance to work in the field you are most interested in. Kaare has been pleasantly surprised throughout the process, where they have had the opportunity to try out a lot in programming and software development. It has meant a lot, especially that they have been allowed to work independently.


"It has been a huge personal development to be allowed to face customers entirely on my own. I have never experienced anything like it. It was great," says Kaare.


For Daniel, it has also been a truly significant experience to intern at BILA. The transformation from being a student to having to apply what he learned in school has been incredibly challenging but exciting at the same time. He has felt engaged to show up every day to learn something new – and he looks forward to it becoming a permanent part of his everyday life.


BILA has been good at satisfying one's curiosity. It makes you want to learn more, says Daniel and continues: "It's fantastic that you get to show up every single day again."


Published March 2022.

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