From blacksmith apprentice to Director of Operations.


At the beginning of 2022, we celebrated Kristian Falshøj's 20th anniversary at BILA. 20 years is a long time, and by being proactive, motivated, and ambitious, Kristian has played a significant role in his journey to becoming the Director of Operations.


Kristian started his long journey with BILA as an apprentice blacksmith in BILA's workshop, a path that he admits came about somewhat serendipitously.

"I worked as a labourer for the local blacksmith in Erslev, and at that time, there were no more apprenticeship positions available," Kristian recalls. The owner of the local blacksmith had previously worked at BILA, and without Kristian doing anything himself, he was contacted by Per Bisgaard, who had heard that Kristian was in need of an apprenticeship.


They had to delay the hiring by half a year as Kristian was too young to start his apprenticeship. However, in January 2002, 16-year-old Kristian began his four-year apprenticeship as a blacksmith 


Kristian has always aspired to achieve more, and he had a clear plan that involved pursuing something different once he completed his apprenticeship.


"When I completed my apprenticeship, I had a plan to further my education. I finished around New Year's and intended to study production technology the following summer,"


Kristian Falshøj, Director of Operations, BILA


However, as there was still half a year before the start of his studies, he decided to work at BILA and earn some money in the meantime. It was not a problem at all, as there was plenty of work. The issue arose when the half-year had passed because by then, Kristian had earned too much money to qualify for financial aid (SU) during his education. Consequently, he chose to postpone the start of his studies until New Year's and was allowed to stay at BILA until then.


Around the age of 20, in November, Kristian was asked if he would be interested in staying with BILA, working as a designer, and pursuing his education simultaneously.


"In February the following year, I started as a designer at BILA while also pursuing a Professional Bachelor's degree in Innovation, Product, and Production at EUC".


After a period as a designer, Kristian was loaned out to the Service Project, where he added another element to his BILA education – project management. This arrangement became permanent until the summer of 2011 when Kristian moved to the Production Technical Department (PTA).


In the summer of 2011, the Service Project was not very busy, but PTA was, and with his proactive nature, Kristian asked if he could help in that department. And so he did. Everything was new and exciting, and it didn't take long before he became a workshop manager in production. At the same time, Kristian had expressed his desired direction.


"I had indicated that I wanted to pursue a leadership path," Kristian says.


He served as a workshop manager in PTA until 2017, after which he made a comeback in design and assumed the position of Head of Mechanical Engineering. He held this role until October 1, 2021, when he was given the title of Director of Operations in Automation.


The opportunities for development and change at BILA have motivated Kristian​​​​​


Kristian's journey at BILA and the development he has undergone are excellent examples of the opportunities available at BILA for those who seek them.


"I am very honored to have been given the opportunity to develop myself at BILA. Additionally, I am proud that such opportunities exist at BILA," says Kristian.


Kristian is driven by change, and he has cultivated the art of self-improvement. That's why, back in 2011, he expressed his interest in working in management, stating his goal of overseeing operations in BILA Automation – which is exactly where he is now. At the same time, he believes that opportunities exist if that is what one desires.


"You have the opportunity to create your own position to some extent, where you can contribute to moving things forward if you take action. That's something that has motivated me throughout these 20 years," says Kristian.


Published in March 2022.

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