BILA acquires bankrupt automation company in Northern Jutland


BILA Group has acquired the bankrupt company CF MATIC in Thisted, securing the ongoing operation of the business. Since the company went bankrupt in early May, the future has been uncertain for the 20 employees of CF MATIC A/S in Thisted. However, a solution for the company's continuation has been found, even within the local area. As of May 20, 2022, BILA GROUP, Denmark's largest automation house headquartered in Nykøbing Mors, takes over the bankrupt estate, ensuring the continuation of the company's activities.


On Monday, May 23, the 20 employees of the automation company CF MATIC can return to their workplace at Vilhelmsborgvej 8 in Thisted after an uncertain period. The new aspect is that the owner and management now operate from a location 26 km away. As the owner of CF MATIC, BILA A/S intends to continue CF MATIC's activities and complete ongoing projects, the majority of which are for larger clients in the medical and food industries.


Jan Bisgaard Sørensen, CEO of BILA Group, highlights the importance of supporting local development in Thy, where he originates from, and where the idea for BILA initially emerged. In BILA, they invest in people, and in this case, they are adding crucial skills to their organisation. Knowing many of CF MATIC's employees, they are confident in the dedication and competence of the new colleagues in Thisted.


BILA Group's individual companies specialise in automation tailored to different production forms and customer segments. With the acquisition of CF MATIC, their expertise is expanded primarily within the medical industry. BILA Group is developing best practices in project management, systematic machine and solution development, software development, and more. The goal is to deliver the best solutions to customers, have sufficient capacity, and offer international service.


The acquisition means additional focus on the medical industry, where BILA already has considerable activities. The ambition is to become the leading supplier to the medical industry, leveraging the competencies CF MATIC has built up in recent years to accelerate development.


BILA is now present in 13 locations in Denmark


CF MATIC's competencies complement BILA's current business units in the group, which recently acquired KILDE Automation in Skive and PJM in Fårevejle.


”The acquisitions are a continuation of BILA Group's strategy to consolidate the automation industry and become a stronger optimisation partner for Scandinavian manufacturing companies. Large Danish industrial conglomerates are growing rapidly and acquiring competing companies abroad. Therefore, it is crucial that we, as an automation partner, evolve to meet the requirements of these conglomerates at home and abroad,"


Johan Blach Petersen, Chairman of the Board, BILA Group


BILA Group A/S is a modern, Danish knowledge company founded in 1988, focusing on production optimisation through automation solutions, typically using industrial robots. In addition to CF MATIC A/S, BILA Group has acquired KILDE Automation A/S, PJM A/S, Reo-Pack, the service department at Blaaholm, and Dan Palletiser in recent years. Thus, the automation house is now present in Nykøbing Mors and in the following locations in Denmark: Skive, Thisted, Herning, Aalborg, Randers, Sønderborg, Svendborg, Varde, Mariager, Vemmelev, and Fårevejle, as well as in Norway and Sweden. From these locations, BILA Group delivers automation solutions to various industries in the European and American markets.


The automation house has a total annual turnover in the billion class and employs more than 600 people in consulting, construction, development, implementation, and subsequent servicing of robot systems. Divided into business areas such as Automation, End of Line, and Service, BILA Group's solutions include a broad range of high-tech industrial robot systems, palletising machines, self-driving trucks, etc., helping optimise production and internal logistics for numerous manufacturing companies.


Published in May 2022

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